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Islamabad: October 1st, 2013

The Minister of State for Housing & Works, Barrister Usman Ibrahim chaired a high level meeting of Steering Committee, constituted to translate Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Low Income Housing Scheme’ into reality.

In his welcoming address, the Minister said that present government has identified housing as a priority area and is therefore planning to provide 500,000 housing units to low income groups during the next five years to overcome the housing shortfall. The Minister added that objective of the Steering Committee is to accelerate and expedite the working of the project.

Broadly, the newly formed committee will be responsible to formulate policy recommendations to facilitate and invigorate the Low and Medium Income Housing Sectors in Pakistan. The Minister has desired that committee should review the existing regulatory and legal bottlenecks and advice on their mitigation. Moreover, the committee has been assigned the task to recommend appropriate home financing prospects for Low Income Housing, alternate resource generation and pilot projects, where possible.

The Minister stated that 50 million people will be benefited by Prime Minister’s Housing Finance Scheme for low-income people. He assured the meeting that the Steering Committee is an effort to engage all stakeholders, including private sector in this project so that we can move ahead in uniformity.

After a detailed briefing by Naveed Akram Cheema, Secretary Housing and Works and Umar Rasool, Joint Secreatry Housing and Works, the house was opened for discussion. After consensus and approval of the chair, the Steering Committee formed four working groups; Working group on Housing Finance and Fiscal Incentives, Working group on Land Identification, Allocation and Notification, Working Group on Private Sector Participation and Innovative Models and Working Group on Policy Planning, Building Codes, by-laws and Implementation Mechanism. These groups have been directed to chalk out their terms of references (TORs) by mid of November.

The Minister also directed the provincial representatives to form Provincial Working Groups as well to replicate the same project at provincial level. He again put emphasis to determine the ‘land bank’ and utilize the evacuee trust property to the maximum.

It may also be mentioned that 2500 housing units have been divided among provinces including federal, 500 each, to be built as a pilot project.

Apart from Minister of State for Housing &Works, Secretary Housing & Works, Joint Secretary Housing & Works, other senior representatives from concerned quarters attended the meeting.

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