President’s speech Quadrilateral summit on March 27, 2014


Speech by the President of Pakistan


Quadrilateral Summit


Kabul27 March 2014


His Excellency, President Hamid Karzai

His Excellency, President Hassan Rouhani

His Excellency, President Emomali Rahman


It is a great pleasure to join the Presidents from the three brotherly countries on this Summit meeting, which coincides with the auspicious occasion of Nawroz.


Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan are bound by long-standing ties of common history, culture, faith and kinship.


We all are committed to the progress and prosperity of our people. Our shared past provides a solid foundation for building a common vision of a hopeful future.


I am confident that our meeting, today, would assist in the advancement of our shared objectives of peace, stability and economic development. Together, we can achieve a lot.




We are meeting in Kabul, at a pivotal moment in the history of our Afghan brothers. The security, political and economic transitions underway in Afghanistan are of immense importance. We wish Afghanistan every success, including in the forthcoming elections and democratic transition. I reaffirm Pakistan’s full support and solidarity to the Afghan people in their pursuit of peace and stability.


Peace and security are no longer divisible. We cannot remain peaceful if our neighbourhood or region is not at peace. We face common challenges of extremism, terrorism, drug trafficking and trans-national organized crime.


We already cooperate in different formats and settings to combat and address these challenges. There is a need to further strengthen our mutual cooperation.


Our four countries offer a unique confluence of Central Asia, West Asia and South Asia with immense — yet still untapped — economic, commercial and energy potential. Together, we can play an important bridging role.


Deeper economic cooperation in the region can usher in a new era of well-being and shared prosperity. Our countries are already working together on different energy, connectivity and infrastructure projects including CASA-1000, TAPI, Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, and road and rail links. We hope, besides boosting trade and commerce, such projects would also help reinforce efforts for reconstruction and economic development in Afghanistan.







The defining element of Pakistan’s vision of a “peaceful neighbourhood” is mutual understanding and trust.


As part of this vision, we have reached out to all our neighbours and are seeking to build qualitatively enhanced relations.


Our endeavour with Afghanistan is to forge a comprehensive and multi-faceted relationship, marked by a trade and economic partnership. We are committed to enhance bilateral trade in the coming years with increased collaboration in the investment, energy and agriculture sectors.


Pakistan has enhanced its bilateral assistance for reconstruction and rehabilitation in Afghanistan to US$ 500 million. Our focus is on projects in infrastructure, roads and rails links, health, education and capacity-building.


Our people-to-people contacts are constantly growing. We have offered 3,000 scholarships for Afghan students. Thousands of Afghan graduates from PakistaniUniversities and professional colleges are contributing to Afghanistan’s national development efforts. Thousands of other Afghan students are studying in different institutions of higher learning in Pakistan.


Pakistan remains host to millions of Afghan refugees. We would continue to work with the international community and the Afghan government to ensure honourable return of the refugees and their sustainable reintegration in Afghanistan.




Pakistan continues to support and facilitate efforts for an inclusive Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process. We have consistently emphasized the centrality of a political solution and underscored the need for all Afghans to join the peace talks. We are convinced that the road to sustainable peace in Afghanistan lies only through peaceful dialogue.


Countries in the region can help the process, based on the principles of non-interference and mutual respect for sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity.




Our future generations deserve a better and brighter future. They have great expectations from us.  Their rightful aspirations can be fulfilled in a substantial measure only in an environment of peace and stability. Such an environment is possible through mutual understanding, tolerance and co-existence.


In nurturing those values, we believe we are on the right path. We need to intensify our efforts for cooperation, on the bilateral and regional levels.


Our region has the necessary resources, and our people have the requisite determination, to meet our common challenges and to realize the vast opportunities before us. We shall, Insha Allah, succeed!


I thank you.

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