Mr. Mamnoon Hussain President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Address on the occasion of “Flag Hoisting Ceremony to Mark the 70th Independence Day” (Convention Center, Islamabad: August 14, 2017)





  • Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbassi, Prime Minister, Islamic Republic of Pakistan,


  • Excellency Wang Yang, Vice Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China,
  • Chairman Senate & Speaker National Assembly,
  • Federal Ministers, Parliamentarians,
  • Services Chiefs,
  • My Dear Fellow Citizens….and
  • Distinguished Ladies & Gentlemen,

Assalam-o-Alaikum and Happy Independence Day!

A little while ago together we all hoisted the green crescent flag. This flag fluttering in the free airs of our motherland symbolizes the valiant struggle during the freedom movement as well as it describes the phases of struggles we went through during the span of the last seven decades for nation building and bringing in stability in our country. The glittering moon and star on this flag are reflective of happiness of the people of this country and guide us towards the path to progress and excellence. I pray that this flag always remains raised high; this country steadfastly heads towards its destination with resoluteness and every inhabitant of this land is blessed with happiness and contentment, Amen.


Today is a memorable day as a high level delegation from our great friend and neighbor China is also participating in Independence Day celebrations to increase our happiness. I, on behalf of myself, the Government and people of Pakistan warmly welcome the head of the delegation Vice Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Wang Yang. His participation in today’s ceremony is evident of the fact that both countries share similar views on all regional and international issues. We believe that Pak-China cooperation is important not only for bilateral progress and prosperity but is also significant for stability and peace in the region.

My Dear Fellow Citizens!

While we happily hoist the national flag today we need to reiterate our strong resolve to always uphold the values of determination and dedication for the objective of development of Pakistan. There are also certain apprehensions lurking in our minds. Some elders raise questions whether our hard work and struggle was in vain whereas our youth feel anxious about their future. The challenging surrounding situation has created intensity in behaviors and in these questions. In such a situation, the national occasion like Independence Day not only provides an opportunity to deliberate but also paves the way for resolving these issues. I believe that our universal ideals, teachings of the freedom movement leaders and our glorious history can provide answers to all these burning questions of our era in the light of which we can improve our present and the future.

Distinguished Ladies & Gentlemen!

When I consider these questions I arrive at the conclusion that the reason behind these concerns is conceptual falsification and a non-linear journey of history. The emergence of such situation in the lives of nations is not surprising because there is no nation in the world which has not faced such trials. The nations which shy away from the challenges and find refuge in despondency never achieve success. Bright future can only be achieved through boldly facing challenges.

Seventy years ago while struggling for freedom our elders had resolved that this nation through constant endeavors will make our country a cradle of peace, brotherhood and a welfare society which will be an example for the world to follow. But today many concerns have started to grow in the minds of most of us particularly in the youth about their future. It is good to think and be concerned about future of the country but it is not right to be dejected because the nations which tread the path with great determination are always successful in overcoming their challenges. The clash of interests in contemporary world and other internal and external challenges cannot become hurdle in their path and neither do they display impatience in such situation by shying away from ground realities in resolving the issues and resultant prosperity and fulfillment of objectives. On the contrary, they let the affairs run at their natural pace instead of being deterred by ups and downs. This way despair turns into hope. Therefore I would like to advise the youth that instead of becoming frustrated they should demonstrate wisdom and become a source of fulfillment of national goals.

The second principle for achieving national objectives is never to deviate from the process adopted to determine the goals and their attainment. We should begin from our personal lives because respect for law and principles in everyday life provide that strength and energy to the nations which can help in achieving great feats. By analyzing our past and present in the light of this universal principle we have to decide as to what has been the standard of our performance over the last seven decades. During this review, examples of our unprecedented success in various spheres of life will come forth and some problems will also be identified which led to the creation of issues. The nations which wisely accept their ups and downs are the ones which can muster the strength to progress.

Ladies & Gentlemen!

Blessed are the nations which do not lose sight of their goals in the moments of joy and happiness as their present gets better than the past and their future becomes brighter. Therefore, it seems quite reasonable that attention should be paid to the restlessness of the people, especially the youth, and the questions raised by certain circles of society with respect to the appropriateness of the system of the government. It is commendable to reflect on national issues as it paves the way for moving forward by overcoming the weaknesses. But while doing so it is necessary that the matters should be viewed in their true perspective rather than seeing them out of context.  Since the creation of Pakistan, we have experimented with different systems of government but what is the reason that continuity has not been attained in these matters. One reason could be that instead of giving due time to these systems for proper development we became restless due to which these systems could not fully develop according to their natural pace. That is why it is imperative that before treading a new path, experiences of the past should be thoroughly reviewed.


If circumstances from the freedom movement and creation of Pakistan are reviewed minutely then it becomes clear that our nation’s temperament is primarily democratic and parliamentary upon which it has repeatedly expressed its confidence. It is ironic that the system in line with our temperament could not fully develop. In such cases, it is necessary that the nation should create a broader consensus by rising above parochial and class interests. After that, it is imperative that we all respect our collective decisions to smoothly continue the journey of national development instead of undertaking new experiences. It will lead to stability of the state and its system, maturity of democratic behaviors and also pave the way for national development. Unless all segments and schools of thought of the society are completely united on a national strategy, success remains elusive.




Ladies & Gentlemen!

In the light of challenges being faced by the country today, it is imperative to promote moderation and rationality in the country by dispassionately evaluating these issues. In the early decades of the last century when the Ottoman Empire was liquidated as a result of global turmoil, the Muslims of the subcontinent like the entire Muslim world faced an emotional dilemma and they made decisions out of frustration which further aggravated their problems. In these circumstances, the poet-philosopher Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah were the leaders who remained unnerved and encouraged the Muslims to follow the path of moderation and sagacity.


In present conditions, the nation also expects the same conduct from the leadership that they should protect the future of the country and nation by rising above their parochial and vested interests. In this perspective, I want to make it clear that if sanity did not prevail in the current situation then our dream of economic revival will not materialize and the nation will never forgive us for this laxity. Therefore, I urge the whole nation especially all stakeholders to unite under the Constitution of Pakistan in the national interest by setting aside their differences and ensure its supremacy. The Constitution is a document which will show us the path to realize national objectives by rising above our personal interests. It will also guarantee progress and stability of the motherland as a manifestation of national aspirations, God Willing.

Let us join hands for development and prosperity of the motherland by keeping aside our differences. Let us promote love and harmony by overcoming hatred and misgivings and secure the future of our nation by turning despondency into hope in order to celebrate freedom in its true sense. I am confident that the nation, especially our youth, will perform their national duty in such a befitting manner that they will forever be remembered in golden words in history.


May Allah protect us all, Amen!

Pakistan Paindabad



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