PR No. 11 Clarification Issuance of visas to South African cricketer Mr Muhammad Imran Tahir and his family Islamabad: September 5, 2017


This is with reference to media queries regarding issuance of visas to South African cricketer, Mr Muhammad Imran Tahir and his family.

Mr Imran Tahir approached the Pakistan Consulate Birmingham on 4 Sep 2017 for issuance of visas for himself and his wife, son and mother-in-law.

The Consul General received Mr Tahir in his office, and explained to him that issuing visas to third country nationals requires additional processes.  Mr Tahir as well as his three family members are holders of South African passports.

Consulate staff assisted him in filling out the visa applications. The visa applications are handled by Gerry’s but, as a special case, his applications were directly accepted by the consulate. It may be noted that the normal visa processing time is five working days.

When the High Commissioner came to know about the matter, he immediately intervened and gave necessary approval after which the visas were issued the same day. The High Commissioner also spoke to Mr Tahir over telephone.

It is clarified that the time taken in issuing visas was due to non fillingout four applications, non availability of supporting documents and additional processing required in respect of visas for holders of third country passports.


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