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PR No. 287
Press release

The Nation is United to protect the country against any adventure – Federal Minister for SAFRON, Engr. Shaukatullah  

September 27, 2011.

Pakistan is in abundance of natural resources. It has oil, gas, marble, granite, copper and gold mines. ”Allah Al-mighty has gifted the land of Pakistan with rich resources in the shape of fertile lands which is producing the highest quality of crops and having mountains full of minerals and other natural resources”, said Federal Minister on the occasion of oath taking ceremony of the newly elected chairman and Vice Chairman of All Pakistan Marble Industries Associations (APMIA).

The Minister said that the present government was fully committed to address the problems of the business community. He assured that his doors were opened for every possibly help for the development of the marble industry. ”The exploration of the minerals will not only bring revolution in the socio-economic life of the local people but it will be a source of foreign exchange for the country as well”, the Minister said.

Earlier, the Outgoing Chairman of the Pakistan Stone Development Corporation (PASDEC) Mr.Ehsanullah Khan briefed the Minister on the achievement made by the Corporation during the last three years. He said that PASDEC is on the way of progress. We have exported the refined stone worth of 76 million dollars and in the end of this year we have the target of 100 million dollars. The Minister said that this was a great achievement on the part of PASDEC as it has delivered in such an unhelpful situation. He said that it was the greatest sources of happiness as marble cities in the districts of Buner and Chitral of Khyber Pakhtoonkhaw would be functioned and Loralai marble city in Balochistan would be completed soon. He also appreciated the role of PADEC for the establishment of Mozaic training centre in Islamabad for the women and said that through this centre they women would capable to get their livelihood with honour and dignity. He assured them that he would help them for the approval of proper cabinet policy regarding the marble and other mineral related issues.

At the end he appreciated the efforts of outgoing Chairman of APMIA Mr. Hidayatullah Khan and congratulate the newly Chairman of APMIA Nawab Sikandar Khan Jogazai and hoped that he would continue the pace of progress with honesty and full devotion.

While talking to the media the Minister said the nation is united to protect the country. The people of Pakistan will not be suppressed with any super power. He said and added that the contribution and sacrifices of Pakistan in the war against terror must be acknowledged. He said that the US current tendency was damaging the cause of terrorism and it would help those sections who were against the peace in the region.

PR No. 288
Press release

September 27, 2011.

Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar on Monday held bilateral meetings with the Foreign Ministers of Germany, Jordan, Solomon Islands, Malta, Serbia, Mozambique, Belarus, Myanmar and Macedonia on the sidelines of the 66th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, says a press release received here today from New York.

She discussed ways to improve bilateral ties of Pakistan with these countries and to enhance cooperation in economic, political and diplomatic spheres. The interactions also focused on ways to expand market access of Pakistani products as well as establishing new markets in several regions of the world.

The Foreign Minister highlighted the valuable contribution made by Pakistan for upholding the principles and purposes of the UN Charter as well as its contribution for the international peace and security in its capacity as the largest contributor of peacekeeping troops for UN Peacekeeping operations.

She highlighted the sacrifices made by Pakistan in its struggle against the scourge of terrorism and extremism and called on the international community to recognize its efforts.

PR No. 289
Press release
Foreign Minister briefed by UN Emergency Relief Coordinator

September 27, 2011.

Foreign Minister of Pakistan Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar accompanied by Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Abdullah Hussain Haroon was on Monday briefed by the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator and Under Secretary General for OCHA Ms. Valerie Amos in New York on UN’s response to recent floods in Pakistan, says a press release received here today from New York.

The Foreign Minster while recalling her on-ground experience from last year’s floods described the extent of human and material loss caused by the recent rains and flooding in southern Pakistan. She appreciated UN’s support and called for better coordination by UN agencies in delivering of assistance.

The UN, last week, launched the Rapid Response Plan (RSP) for Pakistan Floods 2011. The Plan asks for assistance worth US $ 357 Million to help the Government of Pakistan in its efforts to respond to the needs of people affected by rains and flooding in southern Pakistan. The USG informed the Foreign Minister that US$ 27 million have been committed by donors so far.

PR No. 290
Press release

September 27, 2011.

The Rehabilitation Department/Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Government of Sindh has issued a consolidated statement of relief goods dispatched so far to rain affected districts of Sindh up-to 27th September, 2011.

The figures of the statement are:-

                        Total Tents/Shelters                                              316,171

                        Total Family Packs                                            1,621,817

                        Total Blankets                                                       73,648

                        Total Water Purification Unit                                    3,266

                        Total De-watering Pump                                             73

                        Total Drinking Water                                          324,689

                        Total Mosquito Nets                                           63,538

                        Total Rice (50Kg Bags)                                       36,655

PR No. 291
Press release
Pakistan is a safe heaven for investors seeking sustainability and profit

September 27, 2011.

Pakistan is potentially a $30 trillion resource endowed economy estimated at the current market prices, without any value additions which is roughly double the size of US GDP. If Pakistanis are able to achieve value added entrepreneurial knowledge, innovation, interactive marketing skills and best practices which our Singaporean friends have achieved, Pakistan could become easily among world’s top global economies from the current ranking of 25th in the world. High Commissioner of Pakistan Syed Hasan Javed said while addressing the students and faculty of Wee Kim Wee Centre of School of Business of Singapore Management University at a luncheon talk on “Rising Pakistan: Opportunities for Singapore”, says a press release received here today from Singapore.

He informed the audience that Pakistan provides a safe haven for investors seeking sustainable and profitable destination for diversifying their portfolio. Pakistan’s investment policy allows for 100 percent repatriation of equity and profits. Nature has bestowed Pakistan with great advantages of regional connectivity, resource endowments and soft power strengths. These elements can be used to build a sustainable, profitable and strategic partnership, in line with the vision of the leadership and in accordance with long term interest of the future generations of the two countries. The world is transforming at an extraordinary pace. All nations, societies and individuals have to keep pace with these changes which are fuelled by the forces of demography, technology, soft power and economy.

High Commissioner mentioned that Pakistan has 700 multi – national corporations (MNCs), out of which includes more than 200 from People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong SAR. He termed Pakistan and ASEAN, as two pillars of Asia’s stability and prosperity.

PR No. 292
Press release

PM calls on the President

Islamabad: September 27, 2011.

Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani called on President Asif Ali Zardari at Aiwan-e-Sadr today.

Current political and security situation in the country was discussed during the meeting.

The devastation caused by floods in Sindh and the relief and rehabilitation measures were also discussed.

The upcoming meeting of the political leadership of the country in order to evolve national consensus on current situation also came under discussion. Reposing confidence in the ability of democratic leadership to stand united at all times that call for unity, the President expressed the hope that the country’s political leadership would be able to reach consensus on issues of national concerns.

The President hosted lunch for the Prime Minister.

Later, the two leaders were also joined  by Ch. Ahmed Mukhtar, Federal Minister for Defence, Secretary General to the President Mr. M. Salman Faruqui and Foreign Secretary Mr. Salman Bashir in their conversation.

PR No. 293
Press release

Chief Minister Balochistan calls on the President

Islamabad: September 27, 2011.


Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Muhammad Aslam Khan Raisani called on President Asif Ali Zardari at Aiwan-e-Sadr today.

Matters relating to law and order, political situation and developmental projects in the province were discussed during the meeting.

PR No. 294
Press release

China’s security is Pakistan’s security: PM Gilani
Pakistan-China all weather Friendship: Chinese Vice Premier

Islamabad: September 27, 2011.

Chinese Vice Premier Mr. Meng Jianzhu called on the Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani here today at the P.M House and reiterated that China categorically supports Pakistan‘s efforts to uphold its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. Pakistan is the only country in the world that enjoys the status of all-weather friendship with China, said the Vice Premier.

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani responded by saying ‘your friends are our friends, your enemies are our enemies and your security is our security.’

The Prime Minister quoted his speech on the floor of House in which he said, ‘Pak-China Friendship is higher than mountains, deeper than oceans, stronger than steel and sweeter than honey’.

The Prime Minister referred to the visit of the Chinese Premier last year when he addressed the Parliament leaving memorable impact on the people of Pakistan and Parliamentarians.

The Prime Minister said that he had an excellent visit to China in May this year and held very useful meetings with the Chinese President and the Prime Minister on a wide range of issues including trade, communication, Culture, Defense and terrorism.

The Prime Minister commended the Chinese assistance in the aftermaths of earthquake, Attabad Lake, rehabilitation of the IDPs of Swat and Malakand, floods last year and now to cope with the devastating rains in the province of Sindh, inundating vast areas of the province and destroying the cotton and sugarcane crops.

The Prime Minister underscored the need to undertake exchange of visits of Parliamentarians to learn from each other’s experiences and also facilitate to enhance contacts at the people’s level.

The Prime Minister referred to the existing multi-dimensional co-operation between the two countries in various sectors like economy, agriculture, infrastructure, energy and culture etc. He is very pleased to know that Information Technology and its exports from Pakistan to China has earned widespread recognition in China, and Pakistani IT companies are doing booming business, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister particularly mentioned the co-operation between the two countries in the fields of terrorism, intelligence sharing and anti-narcotics. ‘We will co-operate with you to the extent you want us to co-operate, assured the Prime Minister Gilani.

The Chinese Vice Premier thanked the Pakistani Prime Minister for the heartwarming words about Pakistan-China friendship adding that the relations between the two countries have been nurtured through the generations and expressed the resolve to keep the legacy in the same direction.

The year 2011 marks the 60th anniversary of establishment of Pakistan-China diplomatic relations and the history bears it out that both the countries are friend indeed, the Vice Premier said.

The Vice Premier said that he had very meaningful and productive meeting with the President of Pakistan and the military leadership of the country. He stated that the Chinese Foreign Ministry will issue a statement supporting Pakistan’s efforts to uphold its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

Prime Minister of Pakistan thanked China for a categorical statement extending support to Pakistan when it needs the most.

The Prime Minister extended his best wishes to the President and the Prime Minister of China. 

PR No. 295
Press release


Islamabad: September 27, 2011.

Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh called for a fair opportunity for Pakistan’s exports to international markets as he argued that a Pakistan-U.S. relationship centering on economic interests would endure, in contrast with fickle nature of past transactional ties. “We feel if we are simply allowed to trade like other countries, if barriers are not imposed... we will do just fine,” he said, speaking at Washington’s Atlantic Council. Dr Shaikh said Islamabad has no desire to depend on aid forever. “We are not looking for (a) perpetual kind of government-to-government help. What we are looking for is a chance for our people to be allowed to compete with the rest.” Islamabad has been urging the United States to reduce high tariff on its textile products in order to spur the country’s exports but, according to experts, Washington lobbies and opposition in Congress to preferential trade programs, have thwarted any headway. A bill on allowing preferential access for Pakistani and Afghan products from specially designated reconstruction opportunity zones has been around for several years without any worthwhile progress. The finance minister told the think tank gathering of South Asian experts that Pakistan has had episodes of external assistance during wars—in the 1960s during the cold war, in the 1980s during the Soviet Union-Afghanistan war and now in the first decade of the 21st during the anti-terror war. Twenty years back, we won a conflict together in Afghanistan but sadly we lost the peace. And the countries including this country (U.S.) paid a price for it and Pakistan paid the highest price for this, apart from Afghanistan. We don’t want to lose the peace again. We want that this time we learn from the past and try to ensure that the relationship is based on a broader footing. That is why both governments are trying that the economy acquires centrality in the relationship. I am confident that if that be the case, the partnership will endure,” said Dr Shaikh, who also met senior American officials at the State Department during his stay in Washington for IMF-World Bank annual meetings. The finance minister underscored that Pakistan-U.S. relationship is very important for the whole world and it should not be seen from a narrow angle but in a broader perspective.  “In my conversations with my friends—there is no such talk,” he said, when a participants wanted to know what would be the impact on Pakistan’s economy if Washington resorted to aid cut moves. The U.S. spent half a billion dollars under the Kerry-Lugar bill in the last Pakistani financial year which ended in June, he said.  Pakistan, he said, is committed to repaying $1.2 billion due in the current financial year to the International Monetary Fund.  “I think there is no danger or threat of Pakistan not having funds to pay back IMF,” he said, citing comfortable levels of foreign exchange reserves.  Pakistan, he noted, has a history of always paying back their debts. So it is I think not even an issue that is of concern to us at this point,” said the minister. In answer to a question, Shaikh also pointed out that some developing countries have been subjected to much deeper and frequent scrutiny while developed economies grappling with very serious troubles have seen much softer examination. Earlier, the finance minister and his team of economic managers discussed ways to expand investment and business opportunities with members of U.S.-Pakistan Business Council at the Chamber of Commerce.  Dr Shaikh touched on the background and current state of the national economy and said despite facing worst floods, the Pakistani economy has begun to show resilience, particularly in the external sectors.  He reaffirmed Islamabad’s commitment to wide-ranging reforms and economic growth to reduce poverty. The finance minister held out commitment to facilitating foreign investment into various sectors of the economy and said a wide majority of the foreign companies has been reaping high dividends in Pakistan. Also, national institutions like State Bank and Federal Board of Revenue are working independently, free of any government interference, he said. Accompanying the finance minister are top economic managers including Finance Secretary Dr Waqar Masood Khan, Acting Governor State Bank Anwar Yasin, Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Nadeem ul Haq, Chairman Federal Board  of Revenue Salman Siddique, Secretary Economic Affairs Abdul Wajid Rana and Minister Economic at the embassy.

PR No. 296
Press release

PM approves service rules for recently promulgated Career Structure for Health Personnel (CSHP)

Islamabad: September 27, 2011.

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has approved the service Rules for the recently promulgated Career Structure for Health Personnel (CSHP) serving in federal health institutions and related organizations, under the Federal Government.

PR No. 297
Press release

Islamabad: September 27, 2011.

Japan will finance the second round of polio eradication drive in Pakistan with an amount of $65 million through globally known Bill and Melanda Gates Foundation, officials said. An agreement has been signed to that effect, Abdul Wajid Rana, Secretary Economic Affairs Division said after a meeting with vice president of Japan International Cooperation Agency. The new round of polio vaccination begins shortly. The official explained that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have purchased the $65 million soft loan from Japan. That loan will convert into a grant for Pakistan, as it is the Foundation that will pay off the loan. The money will be used in Pakistan through government channels including the Economic Affairs Division and a new division, which coordinates efforts between the federal and provincial governments on polio eradication.


PR No. 298
Press release

Impressive turnout as Pakistan Armed Forces Day marked in
Kuala Lumpur

Islamabad: September 27, 2011.

Pakistan Armed Forces are fully committed to fighting the menace of terrorism and a strong will demonstrated by the Pakistani nation and successful operations conducted by our armed forces against terrorists are a testimony to our resolve.

This was stated by Defence Advisor to Pakistan High Commission in Malaysia, Commodore Zahid Akram in his welcome address to a grand function held here in the Malaysian capital to mark the Pakistan Armed Forces Day.

General Tan Sri Dato Sri Zulkefeli Bin Mohd Zin, Chief of Defence Forces Malaysia, graced the event as Guest of Honour while Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz bin Hj Jaafar, Chief of Navy, and General Tan Sri Dato Sri Rodzali bin Daud, Chief of Air Force, were among an impressive turnout of High Commissioners, Ambassadors, senior military and civil officials from Malaysian government and a large number of military attaches from different Missions in Kuala Lumpur.

The celebrations started by the playing of national anthems of Malaysia and Pakistan followed by a cake-cutting ceremony performed jointly by General Tan Sri Dato Sri Zulkefeli Bin Mohd Zin, Chief of Defence Forces Malaysia, and Mr. Masood Khalid, High Commissioner for Pakistan in Malaysia.

In his welcome address, Pakistan High Commission Defence Advisor Commodore Zahid Akram highlighted the sacrifices rendered by the Pakistani people and its Armed Forces, saying “no other society and no other armed forces have suffered as much as we in Pakistan in the fight against terrorism”. “Pakistanis are a nation which is strong and resilient and committed to fighting the menace of terrorism,” he said.

He also underscored the growing military-to-military relationships between Pakistan and Malaysia, saying the defence ties between the two countries started in earnest in 1959 when officers of Malaysian Armed Forces started training in Pakistan military institutions. “Since then, these ties have grown stronger with each passing year,” he said, extending heartfelt gratitude to the Government of Malaysia and the Malaysian Armed Forces for their support to Pakistan in hours of need.

PR No. 299
Press release

Islamabad: September 27, 2011.

Two Day International Hajj Conference which is jointly being organized by Ministry of Religious Affairs and Cultural consulate of Iran Embassy, at Marriot Islamabad has begun today. The inaugural session was presided over by Parliamentary Secretary Mr  Habib Ullah, secretary religious affairs Mr Shukat Hayat  and H.E. Mashallah Shakree Ambassador of Iran in Pakistan. The delegates from China, Tajikstan, Iran and Bangladesh are also attending the conference. Besides foreign dignitaries, the prominent local Ulemah, Scholars and political leaders are also among the participants.

In the inaugural address the secretary religious affairs welcomed all the participants and threw light upon the friendly relations of Pakistan and Iran. He also emphasized on need of the solidarity of Muslim Umah. He further said that Hajj provides an excellent opportunity to promote interaction among the Muslims all over the world. Hajj, he said, is an occasion which allows the Umah to forget all differences and stand united. The parliamentary secretary Mr Habib Ullah  highlighted cultural, religious and historical relation between Pakistan and Iran. Mr  Mashallah Shakree  extended thanks on the behalf  of Iranian Government to the Government of Pakistan for arranging this conference.

It is pertinent to point here that various scholars will present their papers during the conference. The conference will end tomorrow evening.  

PR No. 300
Press release



Islamabad: September 27, 2011


Federal Minister for Communications Dr. Arbab Alamgir Khan has constituted three members Inquiry Committee to investigate the causes of accident and to fix the responsibility of negligence of bus No.FS-4186 took place on 26-09-2011 at 1854 hours in the area of Salt Range (M-2) due to which 34 school children lost their lives and 55 received injuries. In this regard IG NH&MP has issued a notification. The committee comprising of the following members will furnish its detailed report/findings with in 05 days.

            1.         Dr. Muhammad Shafique, DIG HQ/Motorways                  Chairman

            2.         Mr. Shahid Yar Khan, DIG Training & Evaluation               Member

            3.         Mr. Muhammad Ali Khan, AIG (General)                            Member 


The committee will determine the causes and will fix the responsibility of the fatal accident.  The committee will submit its report to the Minister for Communications Dr. Arbab Alamgir Khan within 05 days.  Before that the Minister for Communications Dr. Arbab Alamgir Khan and IG NH&MP Zafarullah Khan visited the DHQ Chakwal and Fauji Foundation Hospital Kallarkahar lat night and inquired the health of the injured students and also assured the full cooperation by the Ministry and NH&MP to the parents of the injured school children.  While talking to media at the accident place, the Minister for communications announced the committee to determine the causes of accident.  The Minister also ordered to dispatch the dead bodies through NH&MP Ambulances to Faisalabad and the NH&MP complied the orders, accordingly.

PR No. 301
Press release

Islamabad: September 27, 2011

President Asif Ali Zardari has said that the challenge and the opportunity for Pakistan and China was to reshape their exemplary friendship into a modern twenty-first century partnership.

This he said during his visit to the Chinese embassy to participate in China’s National Day Celebrations.

Addressing the gathering at the Chinese embassy, the President said that with October First in sight, he wishes to felicitate the people and Government of the People’s Republic of China on crossing yet another grand, historic milestone. The people of Pakistan, the President said, join their Chinese brethren in celebrating that important turning point in world history, the formal proclamation by Chairman Mao of the founding of the People’s Republic.

Lauding Chinese unprecedented achievements and success story, the President said that never before in the annals of history had a people taken hold of their destiny so resolutely, marched forward with such distinction and accomplished such great feats.

The President said that first October 1949 marked not only the birth of the People’s Republic, but also the birth of a miracle, a brilliant chapter in the story of human kind. This Chinese miracle continues to unfold to this day, he said. 

He said that in arts and craft, in culture and commerce, in social and economic development, in science and technology, indeed in any and every field of human endeavor, China continues to break barrier after barrier, cross one threshold after another. We rejoice in your success, he continued.

He said we also celebrate the friendship between our two peoples and it is not a coincidence that 2011 was also being celebrated in both China and Pakistan as the Year of Sino-Pak friendship.

Terming as his proud privilege to carry on the mantle, the President said that it is a matter of great pride that the foundations of historic Pak-China partnership were laid by the founder of Pakistan People’s Party, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and was carried forward resolutely by Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.

The President said that together, the two nations have supported each other through thick and thin and forged ahead, hand in hand. Together, he said, our future generations, will accomplish much. 

The President, on this occasion, also thanked the Government and people of China for their timely assistance for the flood victims in Sindh. Expressing hope that the people of Pakistan would be able to overcome this calamity with the assistance of friends in the international community, the President said that Chinese help was the mark of a true friend, for which, the Pakistani people were truly grateful.